Quit Smoking Products Comparison

Quit Smoking Products Comparison

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Congratulations on your wise decision to quit smoking! Before you start quitting, there’s something you should know that would drastically increase your chances for success: That is, the reason why most people fail to quit smoking.

Fact: If ANY of the following 3 scenarios is true, you will probably fail.

1)You are not consciously ready to quit smoking. Although you have an idea of what smoking will do to your body, you are not completely convinced that you MUST quit smoking.

2)You are subconsciously not ready to quit smoking. You may be ready on a conscious level, but emotionally you’re still reluctant to quit – a typical case of your mind saying one thing when your heart’s saying another.

3)Your body physically craves nicotine – and you finally give in to your body’s desire. Even if you’re both consciously and subconsciously willing to live without cigarettes, your body may clamor for a smoke so fervently that in the end you simply give into the desire.

Therefore, the secret to quitting smoking is to address all 3 factors above by:

1)Ensuring you are consciously ready to quit.

2)Ensuring you are subconsciously ready to quit.

3)Help your body to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

The good news is, you don’t need to do any of this alone. There are various products that can help you to achieve all three points listed above. I was a smoker for nearly 18 years (gradually making my way up to 2 packs/day) before I successfully quit smoking. I haven’t tried all of the quit smoking products under the sun, but I did try quite a few of them so I know what worked and what didn’t.

I’ve compiled the following list of products for your reference. Some of them I’ve personally used and found useful, and the rest were carefully researched by me to ensure that they have received genuine and positive consumer feedback before I recommend them to you. Many of these products have generous refund policies so that if the product doesn’t work for your particular case you can get your money back. I want
to help you succeed – not see you ripped off.

Products That Help Your Conscious Mind to Quit:

Quit Smoking By Smoking Method – The way this method works is incredible and a lot of smokers are SHOCKED when they hear that most of what you have to do is just continue smoking to quit smoking.

The Easy to Quit Smoking Method – You’ll quit smoking using this method or get paid DOUBLE your money back!

EasyQuit System – Read the ebook once and stop smoking forever. Too good to be true? Only you can decide.

Quit Smoking With Joe – A program by Joe White, an ex-smoker who claims he knows the secret to quitting smoking that doesn’t involve nicotine replacement or anything similar.

If You Love Someone Who Smokes, Get Them To Watch This Video – You won’t want to touch another cigarettes after watching this video.

Products That Help Your Subconscious Mind to Quit:

Quit Smoking Today – NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) Audio Program that has helped thousands quit smoking with a success rate of 99.7%

Quit Smoking Right Now – Another NLP product that is hugely popular and have received favorable reviews.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Ebook & Audio Program –1st Session Free Download

Quit Smoking Subliminal CDs – sit back, relax, and listen – you will no longer want to smoke from a subconscious level

Start Meditation, Stop Smoking – Become more conscious of the effects of smoking on your body, so that you can let go of your urges much easier. Free mini course available.

Products That Help Your Body to Quit – Nicotine-Free Products:

Stop Smoking Ultra Pack – Natural quit smoking supplements that will eliminate nicotine withdrawal symptoms to stop your urges to smoke.

SmokeDeter / Nicocure – A 100% natural formula you can spray into your mouth 3 times a day to eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Please click here to read our review of this product.

Zero Nicotine – A “nicotine patch” that doesn’t contain any nicotine!

Cig-Arette – Natural supplements you can take to beat cravings, soothe irritability from nicotine withdrawal, and help your body recover from the damage from smoking.

Cig-Arrest – Please read my review on this product by clicking here before purchasing this product.

ZeroSmokePlease read my review on this product by clicking here before purchasing this product.

FinalSmoke – This package includes 100% natural supplements that eliminates withdrawal symptoms and detoxes your lungs, an audio CD that will eliminate your psychological and social dependency on cigarettes, and a quit smoking guide that will show you little-known secrets to kicking the habit.

Products That Help Your Body Quit – Nicotine Replacement Products: Here are some products you can use to replace cigarettes – they’ll provide your body with nicotine while you try to quit smoking (try these only if 100% natural products don’t work for

Nicorette Nicotine Gum

Nicoderm Nicotine Patches

Habitrol Nicotine Patches

Right Aid Nicotine Patches


Various Quit Smoking Lozenges

Other Useful Products To Help You Quit:

Lung Detox Program – Heal the damage done to your lungs through smoking, in under a year (compared that to the 15 years it would take for your lungs to heal themselves on their own).

NicoBloc – Filters you can fit over your cigarettes to block out up to 99% of the tar and nicotine. This will help you to quit gradually as you still go through the motions of smoking while letting your body to adjust to
being smoke-free.

Other Interesting Quit Smoking Products – Not the usual quit smoking products. This website has products that can help you quit smoking in interesting ways.

Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for our Free Quit Smoking Guide. Remember that by signing up, you’ll also get valuable quit smoking tips emailed to you. If you find that they don’t serve you well, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.

Good luck, God bless, and May You Become a Successful “Quitter” Very Soon!

Your Friend and Comrade,

Amy Hudson

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